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Thank you for your interest in Veteran Disposal. We are a Veteran owned company who still believes in service before self. Our mission is to provide excellent service to the public so that we may give back to our American Veterans. 

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I just switched to them and the customer service is AMAZING and I am saving a lot of money on my trash service! My husband is a veteran and we want to do business with as many companies as we can that support our veterans. I don’t know why anyone would use a company other than Veteran’s Disposal!
— Kari Nicole
Just switched and love them! We moved into a new home and had a ton of trash outside of our can. They took everything out there! Great customer service as well. Love that they support our vets too. Highly recommend!
— Katie Iris
Had our first day of pick up. My 2 year old was so excited for the new garbage truck. Pick up went great and while signing up for service it was quick and easy. Love to support local companies and bonus that some proceeds go to help veterans.
— Jami Thurkettle
We use Veterans Disposal for our trash and they are amazing! They gave us a little toy soldier to remind us to always thank and pray for our soldiers. Something very easy for me to do since my family has some veterans.
— Jen Westveer


Veteran Disposal gives back significantly to productive veteran focused programs. We have partnered with the award winning nonprofit Johnson-Brower Foundation who is a pioneer in the non-profit space providing specialized counseling, therapy, and coaching for Veteran's families dealing with issues related to the transition back into civilian life. 

100% of Donations go directly to aid veterans in the Johnson-Brower Foundation.

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We at Veteran Disposal hold ourselves to a higher standard and are aware that we are expected to exceed our customers expectations. The military values that were instilled in us can be seen in the way we carry ourselves and treat others. 

Never will we fail a customer. We will make mistakes, but when we mess up we fess up, take responsibility and make our customers pleased once again. 



About Us

Veteran disposal

We exist to serve. Our mission is to offer excellent service to the public so that we may give back to our American Veterans. 

Veteran Disposal is unique in our philosophy. We focus 100% on the Veteran Community. By donating a high percentage of our earned profits to the Johnson-Brower Foundation we ensure deserving local veterans are able to receive world class services with no out of pocket cost to the veteran.

The Johnson-Brower Foundation is our Nations leading organization specializing in Post Traumatic Stress Growth and Reconstruction (PTSGR). Jesse Johnson-Brower is an Army veteran, President of the Johnson-Brower Foundation and co-owner of Veteran Disposal. His professional focus is on veterans which is why he has chosen not to draw a salary from either Veteran Disposal nor the Johnson-Brower Foundation so that every possible cent is used to serve our veterans and not himself. Literally every dollar allocated to serve our local veterans does just that...serve our local veterans.